Sunday, 13 January 2013

Thoughts on SS 2013 Cheap Monday Collection

I've always been a CM fan and I always enjoyed their clothes without being too excited about them. Now I just viewd the SS 2013 Collection which left me with very good impressions. Both clothes and designs were very simple! They used symmetric lines in their clothes and also cuts in them. I also noticed they made some of their pieces see-through ( I liked the idea very much). Anyways I have to admit I might purchase some of their pieces in near future 'cause I fell in love with them! You can take a look here for women and here for men. You can also view their fashion show here. Their fashion show was on 29th August ( oh-well) for their Spring - Summer collection.Last but not least , I have to mention that their prices are very low and logic!
Thanks for reading! Have an amazing life xxx Zoe
Take a sneek peek : 

(you can find it in white too ^)

Also forgot to mention their jewlery were amazing but anyways you can see them down bellow

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