Sunday, 13 January 2013

Converse - All star shoes.

The ones we love , we grow up with and we still wear. Easy to wear and actually , you can wear them with ANYTHING! I absolutely love my converse all-star and through the years I always purchase them in diffrent colours because I like to try new things and new combinations. My life would be empty without them! And I also noticed that they can be worn at ANY case and with any piece of clothing you'd like. Converse also has a programme on their site that you can make your own design and have them delivered to your house, you can make them special and put any colours and designs you like so they can be unique. Here's the site to that. Last but not least I'd like to mention that they can be worn by men too and look very hot! I'm always attracted by boys who can choose the right shoes and combine them in the right way, and whoever wears them that way , can knock my door!
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