Thursday, 24 January 2013

Idea for room.

From today and on , I decided to make my life as interesting as possible, I deactivated my facebook account so that I could get in touch with the real world and get to realise who are my real friends. My goal is to not open my facebook account for a real long time. Anyways that means that I have to focus on other things and my first idea was to make my room look better. I always had these pictures on my walls but they looked awful so I got them into line and now they look so much better.
It is very easy to be made and you can do it yourself. It is not going not cost you a lot of money!Some won't need to pay at all.
Okay so it goes like this :

If you have a Tumblr account ,

  1.  go to your archive and click on the "prt sc" button,
  2.  it will automaticlly take a picture of your screen. 
  3. Then you'll go to "Paint" and paste the picture. 
  4. You cut ONLY the pictures from your blog and copy them. 
  5. Open another page of paint and you paste them.
  6.  Then save.
  7.  You can do this as many times as you want to make all the tamplates you are going to need. 
  8. Put the pictures into usb stick and go to the nearest library so they can print them for you at any seize you want.
I printed only 10 and the price was 15euros!
Thanks for reading , I hope you like the idea as much as I do.

Chloë Moretz

Since I've been a fashion blogger , I gained so much confidence on my personal style and fashion sense. I'm always trying to improve myself and get inspired.
The huggest inspiration I've ever recieved from a person was by Chloë Moretz, an actress in my age , whose style is fabulous , simple and it fits perfectly to a girl at my age.
I admire her for wearing whatever she likes and doesn't care about what people might say. 
Chloë Grace Moretz born on February 10, 1997 is an American actress. She began her acting career at the age of seven and has appeared in films such as (500)Days of Summer,Kick-Ass ,Dark Shadows,and Hick.
She is a great actress and a great fashion icon for teenage girls. At her interviews she admits that her mother won't let her buy high-fashion stuff unless it's a TK Maxx or a birthday occasion. She also says that she loves going to Topshop, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel!Moretz states Michelle Pfeiffer, as her current style icon. "I have a lot of looks but right now I'm really into grunge. Messy hair, black heels. I get Michelle Pfeiffer with it," she explains. Last but not least Chloë admits that she spents time on Tumblr(SHES ONE OF US GUYS).
If you'd like to achieve an elegant style but in the meantime casual , you should totally follow Chloë's steps. 
Also I'll give you the link to the gallery I got my pictures from so you can take a look at her style yourself.
Thank you for reading,
Have a gorgeous life xxx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Paris Haute Couture 2013

Today the 21st of January is the first day of the Haute Coutoure that will take place in Paris. It will be held until th 24th Jan.
Since the advent of the New Look in 1947, Dior Haute Couture has represented the utmost in elegance around the world. Inside the ateliers, at the heart of Avenue Montaigne, the finest traditions join with outstanding technical prowess to produce creations that take elegance and dreams to the highest plane. Today, as before, Dior Haute Couture accompanies the most beautiful women in the world and creates the story of a mythical femininity that inspires the most exquisite dreams.From January 21st to the 24th, French but also Italian designers will take over the runwaysChristian Dior, Giambattista Valli, Giorgio Armani Privé, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace and Valentino.
And now heres the schedule for Monday 21st January 2013:
-Christophe Josse
-Maurizio Galante
-Christian Dior
-Iris Van Herpen
-Alexis Mabille
-Giambattista Valli

Here are some photos from last year [Street Style]:

And from the last year's show :

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Audrey Hepburn-20 years without you.

Today, 20 years ago Audrey Hepburn , a fashion icon , amazing 
person and idol , died out of rare form of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. It all began with suffering from abdominal pains and later on her diagnosis of cancer. After a few years the cancer had metastasised. The doctors put her in a 5-fluorouracil Leucovorin chemotherapy which didn't have any sucess. The cancer had already spread too far. It didn't take long until she left this world. She had been an amazing actress and she has also been a brilliant personality.Said such wise words that people still follow. Myself,I consider Audrey a gorgeous person , the best idol and I love her so much.
She hasn't only been a humanist but also a great fashion icon as I mentioned before. Her style was a classic woman in the 50's with a great pin of elegance. Givenchy was the one who lead her into fashion and completed her style.
She has also played in a movie where she shows her love for luxury, fashion and jewelry. The name of the movie is pretty famous : Breakfast at Tiffany's. And yes,the famous jewelry store!
I felt like I had to do a post for her because she deserves to be known and loved for what she has done.
R.I.P Audrey Hepburn.