Thursday, 17 January 2013

New York Street Style

Today I realised that I need a change in my life so I decided to improve my style or maybe even change it a little so I came to the conclusion that searching street style either on Tumblr or Google would help me a LOT..And so it did! Street style outfits always help me to get inspired on how to dress and they give me amazing ideas on how to combine my clothes and look perfect! Of course I could never look as flawless as the models that appear in them but it's always worth trying right? I found a site where I can view THOUSANDS of street style pictures and now I know how I'm gonna spend my remaining day xoxo. I'm gonna share with you my little secret too , you can find the site in this adress , it includes everything about fashion and I think it will be very helpful with your style, your blog, your wardrobe or whatever you can use it for, but firstly you will have to do a registration, it won't take long and it's free so , what are you waiting for?
Thanks for reading and I love you xxx
(The following pictures belong to Style & the City )

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