Friday, 18 January 2013

Forever New - Bags

I recently got introduced to the Australian brand Forever New. At first I thought that they would probably be a copy of Forever 21 but after I viewed their online store , I was left speechless. The uniqueness of the clothes they are designing is unbelievable. I wish we had such amazing stores in Greece too , so that people could actually meet the real fashion and not dress so cheap and look like rainbows. Of course , Forever New aimed at my greatest path and shot me right in the heart. I always had a thing for bags and now I have a BIG thing for them. The designs , colours and shapes they use are so amazing!The most used colours are baby pink , white and black , which I think they are brilliant because they can be combined very easily. The designs are very simple and they can be used either for a special occasion or even for an everyday walk. They have all the kinds of bags (Big bags , small bags , clutches ,wallets and travel seize) but my personal favorites are the travel seized ones and the big ones. You can see that I have a specific attraction to big things!Xoxo. I forgot to mention that the prices are very logic.
The link to their online store is right here and the link to their bags collection is right here 
Thanks for reading and I wish you a lovely friday!
Zoe xxx

Take a taste :


  1. Thanks for your kind words and support - much appreciated! Following your lovely blog. Have a great weekend.

  2. These bags are amazing! I am particularly loving the pastel pink one :)